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  • Community building
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  • Youth empowerment

Massimo Conte

One of Codici’s founders, his career started working as an educator. Initially in minors’ communities, then doing street outreach and as a social worker in community development projects.

In his professional life, he pushes for the coexistence of study and analysis alongside interventions and transformations within social realities. He works on migration, juvenile delinquency, illegal and marginal economies, poverty and social inequality.

With Codici, he evaluates projects and social policies, using both quantitative and qualitative methods, he runs monitoring projects in pedagogical and social settings, as well as projects on group and organisation dynamics. He is part of the communication team of Codici.

Since 2022, he is registered as a volunteer guardian for unaccompanied minors at the minors’ tribunal in Milan. He loves music and has been a member of many bands, playing guitar, shouting and singing.

Photo ☉☉ Luca Meola