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  • Youth empowerment

Francesco Fattori

Francesco holds a PhD in Psychology. After a post-graduate internship at the Addiction Department ATS in Milan, he collaborated with projects on harm reduction linked to substance use and abuse. During his PhD, he developed a research project to understand behaviours of collective activism in support of disadvantaged minorities.

He moved to Dublin in 2016 to start a social enterprise project. Since the spring of 2018, he has worked at University College Dublin (UCD) as a post-doc researcher within a program to empower shared decision-making processes in medical settings regarding people with Alzheimer’s disease.

He has been with Codici since 2019, mainly working on supervision and evaluative research.
He is the author of national and international scientific publications, and supports Animal Liberation by adopting a vegan lifestyle.

Photo ☉☉ Luca Meola