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We are an independent organisation promoting research and transformation initiatives in the social field.

Our starting point is the idea that research is an open debt to society: theories and publications are means rather than ends for us. We feel the urgency to generate knowledge that improves people’s lives.

We support organisations, institutions and networks in understanding and accompanying social changes. The actions we propose and the languages we experiment with arise from the desire to give words and power back to the people. We strive to be part of a fairer, more equal society of free people and systems promoting well-being and citizenship.


Training, consultancy and evaluation.
Training courses, Supervision of activities and workgroups, Appreciative Inquiry, Future Search, Consultancy for private bodies and public administration, Evaluation of services and social projects.

Inquiry and research.
Research and analysis of emerging phenomena, Participatory research actions, and Social observatories.

Narrative participatory workshops.
Active training, Citizenship workshops, Public art initiatives, and Storytelling courses.

Planning and policy design.
Design and implementation of social intervention, Policy design, and Technical assistance to administrations.


We share all our interventions with our clients regarding objectives, methods and tools. This is why we do not offer collaboration packages but proposals and experiences which we can tailor together. In addition to this dialogue with our clients, partners and collaborators, we never neglect direct contact with the topic, the territory, the people and the services. This is indispensable for producing our research and actions, which are always specific, context-based and different from one another.

We produce analyses built with people and services, not on people and services. We strive to document phenomena with care and proper and reliable measuring tools while continually providing the interpretative keys to decode them. Our analyses originate from constant relationships with the people and the services they refer to. We love the knowledge we produce or that we are lucky enough to discover through our journeys. This is why we share our reports, data, survey methodology and training hand-outs under a free Creative Commons license (CC BY-SA 3.0) whenever possible. Much of this material can be found on this website, available for download. It is a way to support open, more accessible knowledge and to put the many things we learn through our work back into circulation.


Local authorities, Equality Bodies, Ministries, Foundations, Associations, Cooperatives, Informal groups, Consortia, Schools, Universities, Businesses, Hospitals, Health Authorities, Media, Museums, Artists and creative people, Fablabs and Maker Spaces.

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