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Luca Meola

A documentary photographer, he graduated in sociology from the University of Trento. In 2003 his passion for travelling brought him to Bolivia as a casco bianco (white helmet) with a human rights organisation.

In 2007 he started collaborating with Codici as a social worker and researcher for the Latinos and Cash Cash projects. Since 2010, he has committed full-time to photography, developing personal and commissioned projects. In 2014, he moved to Brazil, working as a photo reporter for Brazilian and international magazines.

Represented by the photographic agency Luz and a member of the international storyteller’s community Everyday Project, in March 2021 he published Selva de Pedra, his first photographic book, which gathered years of exploration in the most marginal areas of Sao Paulo in Brazil. With his reportage Cracolândia, on South America’s largest open-air crack market, he won the 2021 Colonna Prize at the Sifest and the first prize at the Urban Photo Award of Trieste.