• Gender
  • Inclusion
  • Innovation
  • Addictions
  • Welfare
  • Employment
  • Community building
  • Participation
  • Migrations
  • School
  • Youth empowerment

Andrea Rampini

He graduated in Economy of Public Administrations and International Institutions from the Bocconi University in Milan and in Cooperation and Local and International development from the University of Bologna.

He has been president of Codici since 2022 and has been a cooperative member since 2008. A researcher, trainer and facilitator, he works mainly on international migration and youth and gender policies. Over the last ten years, he has focused on developing participative methods for social research, planning and cooperation.

He is a member of and sits on the board of BIR, an organisation working on youth engagement and international cooperation.

Photo ☉☉ Luca Meola