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Daniele Brigadoi Cologna

A sinologist and sociologist of migration, since 1995 his work has focused on social research within migration studies. He graduated in political science from the University of Milan and was awarded a PhD in Civilisations, Cultures and Societies of Eastern Asia from the University of Rome – La Sapienza.

He is among the founders of Codici and now collaborates with them through research, training and consultancy activities on topics such as migration and cultural diversity. Since 2021 he has been an associate professor of Chinese Language at the Insubria University in Como. He is a co-founder and deputy manager of the CERM, Research Centre on Minorities, and partner and research fellow of the Torino World Affair Institute.

He is co-editor of the magazine OrizzonteCina and he sits on the editorial board of the Mondo Cinese magazine. He has published several essays and articles on immigration in Italy, on how growing cultural pluralism is transforming this country and the intercultural dynamics between Chinese and non-Chinese people in today’s China.

Photo ☉☉ Luca Meola