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Among Us – National network of territorial reception for a possible autonomy

As part of the FAMI Project Fra noi – Rete nazionale di accoglienza diffusa per un’autonomia possibile (Among Us – National network of territorial reception for a possible autonomy), Codici was commissioned by the Consorzio Comunità Brianza to produce an operational manual for the definition and modelling of practices to facilitate the housing autonomy of refugees.

The research comprised three phases of work, all aimed at exploring housing transitions for asylum seekers and refugees leaving the reception system, an issue still scarcely investigated in its complexity. The first exploratory phase (May-June 2018), dedicated to analysing the regulatory framework on migration and housing policies, was followed by field research (September-October 2018) in three different local contexts, combining consultation with local actors and the study of practices in place. Finally, a third phase, the dissemination of results and presentation of research outputs, from November 2018.

Exploratory phase: an in-depth desk study on the housing transitions of holders of international protection was carried out, enriched by two half-day workshops (June 24, 2018) undertaken respectively in Monza and Milan, in the presence of hired professionals in reception, migration and housing policies. Subsequently, a consultation was conducted using a Delphi questionnaire administered to the different FAMI project partners in 10 Italian regions.

Field research phase: three Codici researchers conducted in-depth research on three specific territories: Monza, Rimini and Matera. These were carried out between September and October 2018 and included moments of discussion with workers and volunteers of the local networks engaged in reception and housing autonomy pathways, visits to case study sites, and meetings with beneficiaries of the measures implemented by the territorial actors.

Dissemination phase: the results of the research were publicly presented in a first seminar, La strategia della lumaca (The strategy of the snail), on November 21, 2018, and the research report was presented on November 30, 2018, in a second seminar Percorsi di attesa (Waiting paths), which took place in Rimini with the participation of all project partners.


> Publication | Manuale sull’autonomia abitativa dei rifugiati

Report | Politiche abitative e rifugiati | Laboratorio 24 luglio 2018

> Slide | La strategia della lumaca| Seminari 21 novembre 2018

Slide | Percorsi in attesa | Seminari 30 novembre 2018

> Video di presentazione del Manuale sull’autonomia abitativa dei rifugiati

Photo ☉☉ Harriet Lee-Merrion

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