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L.I.K.E. – Life Investment is the Key to Employment

The main objective of L.I.K.E. is to ensure the integration of young people with mental problems by exploring and introducing a methodology innovative to the labour market.

Through the establishment of “Hidden Likes” Youth Houses in Bulgaria, Hungary and Latvia, the project creates a supportive environment in which one of the most difficult groups of NEETs will be mentored and activated in the labour market through parallel training with relatives, employers, specialists.

Codici, as a partner, carries out an independent evaluation analyzing the implementation of the multidisciplinary, innovative practice through the analysis of both quantitative and qualitative data, with field visits carried out in Budapest and Szombathely (HU), in Sofia (BU) and in Riga (LV). A project spin-off also allowed us to carry out specific research investigating the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the lives of Italian girls and boys not included in professional or training courses.

Leading partner: Association SPOC – Sustainability of progressive and open communication (BU).Consortium L.I.K.E.

PhotoBillboards, Latronico, 2018. (Maurizio Montagna)

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