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CLEAR – Constructing Learning Outcomes in Europe

CLEAR aims to generate new comparative knowledge on the existing educational policies targeting learning outcomes (LOs). The project targets young people aged 18–29 attaining secondary and post-secondary education, paying special attention to vulnerable and multi-disadvantged groups as they have been massively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Gender equality is another crucial dimension, particularly the intersectional factors influencing access to education and labour market opportunities. The project broadly examines intersectional inequalities in education and training. It problematises the discursive and policy structure around vulnerable or multi-disadvantaged youths in terms of their position, status, educational achievements, or family background.

CLEAR shifts attention from national to regional and local levels of policy analysis and examines the combination of multiple factors shaping LOs and affecting their quality. Based on a better understanding of the processes of constructing LOs, CLEAR studies the impact of policies on (under)achievement and designs participatory activities at the local level to spark innovative “high-resolution” policy solutions. In other words, the analysis will re-construct and illuminate how different groups of LOs emerge in different settings and how the assessment of (under)achievement intermingles with multiple factors so that educational policymakers and other stakeholders can develop innovative and suitable solutions fine-tuned to actual needs and conditions of young people. For this purpose, the project adopts an innovative Transversal Participatory Approach enabling young people and all other stakeholders to share their views, ideas, and experiences.

Codici, as a partner, supports research team leaders in designing and implementing different Participatory Activities within the research process in partner countries. Codici also participates in dissemination activities at local and regional levels and implements Innovation Forum in Italy in collaboration with the Universities of Genova and Urbino.

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