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Child poverty and social exclusion in Italy

“Child Guarantee” is an international initiative implemented by UNICEF, in partnership with the European Commission, aimed at protecting the rights of minors and ensuring access to quality services for those children living in vulnerable and precarious conditions.

From a conversation initiated in 2015, in July 2020 the European Union launched a pilot phase, calling on UNICEF to collaborate with the governments in Italy, Croatia, Bulgaria, Greece, Spain, Germany and Lithuania to activate experimental measures against child poverty and social exclusion.

Codici is a partner of the research network entrusted by UNICEF with the running of a preliminary analysis together with Istituto Cattaneo, Learn More and Matter Group. In particular, our researchers focus on the vulnerability profiles of minors with a migratory background, and of Roma and Sinti minors living without their family.

Photo ☉☉ Aalexander Dummer via pexels