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ParL@MI (Talk to Me) was a project aiming to create an inclusive, effective and coherent training course in learning Italian as a Second Language (L2) for non-EU foreign citizens. The courses and workshops were designed to meet the needs of people building a life in Italy. It was a project that involved all areas of Milan, as the Municipality was the lead partner. The Ministry of the Interior financed the project under the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund.

ParL@MI proposed a pathway to social inclusion through 50 experimental Italian L2 courses, run by more than a dozen organisations and associations in the third sector, with experience in the field of welcoming and supporting the most vulnerable newly-arrived migrants. The Provincial Centre for Adult Education (CPIA5) monitored the schools’ activities, ensuring the standard of the ongoing courses and guaranteeing certification for all students who achieved the required skills.

Within ParL@MI, Codici trained teachers, volunteers, and workers on migratory phenomena and active training methods. In collaboration with Fondazione ISMU, Codici led the citywide table on reflection and exchange of good practices to allow for collaboration between all those dealing with the linguistic and civic education of migrant people. The project also involved citizens of foreign origin and workers in developing the communication campaign on the importance of the Italian language as a vehicle for integration, #laprimavoltanonsiscordamai (you never forget your first time). Codici supported the Municipality and the partner organisations in the governance of the project and in communication activities.


Project leaders:
Municipality of Milan
Social Policies Department
Immigration Policies Service

– A.ME.LIN.C – Onlus
– Arcobaleno
– Asnada
– Associazione Villa Pallavicini
– Codici Ricerca e Intervento
– Compagnia Africana
– Diapason
– Farsi Prossimo
– Fondazione ISMU
– Fondazione l’Albero della Vita
– Fondazione Monserrate Onlus
– Fondazione Verga
– Mamme a scuola
– Progetto Integrazione
– Tempo per l’Infanzia