• Gender
  • Inclusion
  • Innovation
  • Addictions
  • Welfare
  • Employment
  • Community building
  • Participation
  • Migrations
  • School
  • Youth empowerment

Peccioli Working Village is an initiative promoted by Belvedere spa and Touring Club Italian, in collaboration with Codici, in the medieval hamlet of Peccioli.

The project fosters a moment of exchange and cooperation between people working in the local touristic hospitality sector and six professionals coming from other European countries. The six selected people are offered nine days of hospitality on the Tuscan hillside and the chance to interact with a community network, which is investing in innovation and participation to boost the local tourism and hospitality sector.

The project is the outcome of the Peccioli Academy, a participative planning and training process supported by Codici and Touring Club Italiano, which involves a wide group of workers in the hospitality, restaurant, open-air activity, well-being and culture sectors.

Photo ☉☉Belvedere SpA