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In the MIRECO (Monitoring and Improvement of Reception Conditions) project, Codici, together with Cles, CESPI, Reflect, CNR and Laser, worked as a consultant to design new monitoring tools for first and second-level reception centres for applicants and holders of international and humanitarian protection in Italy.

Codici worked with about 35 prefectures to test these tools and visited 200 facilities, i.e. ex-military and state-owned buildings, flats, disused hotels and agriturismi, farmsteads, religious institutes, etc. In their journey, the researchers interviewed those working in the reception sector and those accommodated in the structures, collecting valuable information to verify compliance with the standards set by the national regulation and the agreements signed by the Prefectures with the partner organisations managing the facilities.

Photo ☉☉ Mario Cresci, Stigliano, 1982

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