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  • Community building
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  • Migrations
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  • Youth empowerment

Futuri Cittadini (Future Citizens) was a capacity-building project financed by the Ministry of the Interior within the FAMI programme (Asylum Migration Integration Fund). The project leader was the local administration network Comuni Insieme. Futuri Cittadini was aimed at workers in educational services and schools (teachers in schools and nurseries) in the municipalities of the Garbagnate Milanese district. The project’s activities were divided into a specific training course about immigration issues and workshops for teachers. These moments were created to promote discussion, share experiences, and build innovative tools to improve interaction with foreign users and foster the reception and integration of third-country nationals.

A specific focus was devoted to activities with local nurseries. Beyond a specific workshop with educators and pedagogical coordinators, the activities in the nurseries included experimentation with new models of reception, mediation and communication for foreign children and families. Moreover, a participatory modelling process was implemented to facilitate access to the local nurseries for families with migrant backgrounds and to teach early childhood service workers about acting in an intercultural setting. The work with nurseries also led to the drafting of the “Charter of Nursery Services for a Multicultural Childhood”.

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