• Gender
  • Inclusion
  • Innovation
  • Addictions
  • Welfare
  • Employment
  • Community building
  • Participation
  • Migrations
  • School
  • Youth empowerment

Primi Passi (First Steps) was a project designed to offer more educational opportunities to children aged 0-6 and their families and to strengthen the services dedicated to childhood through opportunities connecting schools, the wider community, and families in Milan’s District 2.

The project leader was the Municipality of Milan (Childhood Services Area) with local healthcare institutional partners (ATS) and eight Third Sector organisations. Within the project, Codici carried out action research in the interested Childhood Services to investigate the different manifestations of educational poverty in the educational, family and territorial contexts. Through the study of educational poverty, interviews, workshops and observation, the research laid the foundations of numerous activities undertaken in each Service by the teams of pedagogues and educators hired by the project.

Codici also involved the project network in restitution and collective reflection to build alliances and strategies to combat educational poverty in the local context. Codici was also responsible for monitoring the project actions, which, together with the evaluation process, allowed us to understand the changes implemented in the fight against educational poverty and build models of intervention that can be replicated in other urban contexts.

Photo ☉☉ Alex Webb, The suffering of light