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CHAT – Changing Attitude Against Genital Mutilation in Europe

Codici was in charge of evaluating the project CHAT – Changing Attitude Against Genital Mutilation in Europe, coordinated by the Albero della Vita Foundation. The project’s main objective was to prevent and combat female genital mutilation in Europe by raising awareness of social and gender discrimination and the dangers of genital mutilation. The project involved 6 European countries (Italy, Portugal, Austria, Spain, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom). It adopted an intercultural communication approach based on dialogue, mutual learning and the exchange of ideas and experiences. The final beneficiaries of the project were 180,000 girls at risk of genital mutilation each year in Europe.

The project achieved its goal through a change of attitude in communities at risk, particularly by involving community members willing to fight against these practices through their engagement in training. The project also promoted cooperation between small and medium-sized enterprises and the non-profit sector dealing with gender-based violence and female genital mutilation. Moreover, CHAT aimed to help migrants’ associations design topic-specific co-development projects to promote social change in the countries of origin.

Codici’s evaluation process focused on monitoring the achievement of objectives and on understanding the factors that determine the project’s success by analysing its impact on the lives of vulnerable community members, particularly women. The evaluation aimed to identify elements among the results that could become valuable recommendations for future projects on the same topic. The evaluation was based on the collection of qualitative and quantitative empirical evidence and the inclusion of all relevant stakeholders, with an approach focused on improving and increasing the awareness and effectiveness of the role of stakeholders as social actors.


Photo ☉☉ VALIE EXPORT, Encirclement from the series Body Configurations, 1976

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